Vizsla Tea Towel


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Our Vizsla tea towel makes a great gift for anyone who loves the Hungarian Vizsla.

We think vivacious sums up the Vizsla personality personality, as they are such lively, high-spirited and outgoing dogs. The Hungarian Vizsla tea towel makes a wonderful gift for anyone with a Vizsla and is the perfect hostess, thank you or birthday present.

The vizsla tea towel is made from the very absorbent linen union fabric, which makes it perfect for drying those special wine or whisky glasses. Each Vizsla tea towel comes with a handy long label which can be used as a hook to hang up this stylish tea towel in the kitchen.

Designed by Home and Hound screen printed in Suffolk.

All our tea towels are FREE POSTAGE

Linen Union.

Size: 485mm x 775mm.

Machine washable. 

Designed and made in England by Home and Hound