A Loyalty of Labradors - Home and Hound
A Loyalty of Labradors - Home and Hound
Labrador Dish Cloth - Home and Hound
Labrador Dish Cloth - Labrador Gifts - Home and Hound

Labrador Tea Towel


The widely adored gun dog has been turned into a fabulous kitchen accessory. Featuring three different labrador silhouette illustrations with the words “A Loyalty of Labradors”, our Labrador tea towel is a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

If you’ve been searching for gifts for Labrador owners, these dish cloths are ideal as they always come in handy. They’re perfect to give for a new home or housewarming gift, a hostess gift or birthday gift, or perhaps a fourth anniversary present (when linen is traditionally given).

Labradors are loving, kind, and intelligent dogs, whose excellent temperament and sense of smell have made them popular in the police and armed forces as working dogs. Their even temperaments have given them a brilliant reputation as a family pet.  

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All of Home and Hound tea towels are designed in London and then screen-printed in Suffolk.

They are made out of the highest quality Linen Union fabric – a blend of linen and another fabric such as cotton. This ensures they are more crease-resistant than pure linen cloths, and also helps them absorb water more easily.