Black Leather Rolled Collar


Our luxury rolled leather collars are made from the softest saddle leather by a master saddler in the English leather district in the Midlands.

Made from the finest, softest leather hide, this is a luxury collar for the very special dog in your life.

Finished to an exceptional standard, our rolled collars have brass fittings and are approximately 2cm wide.

*Please note we have recently re-named the sizes and added two new ones so please check the length carefully*

Collar Sizes:

S - 28-34cm
S/M - 32-38cm
M - 34-40cm
M/L - 38-44cm
L - 42-48cm
XL - 44-50cm
XXL - 54-60cm

Made in Walsall for Home and Hound

Please note - Jackson is wearing the Small size.