Airedale Terrier Walking Socks


Airedale Terrier Dog Walking Socks are perfect for dog owners. Whether you're on a long walk or just around the house, our comfortable Alpaca wool dog walking socks will keep you cool and comfortable.

These dog walking socks have been made from premium Alpaca wool, and are the perfect complement for your dog walking kit. Apart from being odour resistant, they are breathable, warm, and require very little maintenance. They are also the ideal gift for any Airedale Terrier lover.

Available in 2 sizes and 5 colours.

75% Alpaca / 25% Nylon

Free Postage

Made in England.

Machine washable @ 30 on a Wool cycle only / With Low Spin

Sock Care

Our Alpaca socks don't need washing as frequently as other socks due to the natural fibres. The Alpaca yarn is spun in a way that has no kinks or curls which means that bacteria doesn't get trapped in the fibres. We often wear them over a thin pair of socks, so they don't tend to smell/get dirty as quickly.

When you do come to wash your socks. Make sure you choose a wool cycle with a low spin with a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Ideally use a wool detergent, we like the Ecover version. Once washed air dry only.

Machine washable @ 30 on a Wool cycle only / With Low Spin

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron