Tails from the Road - The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever - Part 1

What word have you used for the Golden Retriever?

Ravenous, I replied. My Golden Retriever growing up was perpetually hungry. We had to get rid of our strawberry patch as he would eat them, just as they would ripen. We used to call him the dustbin.

Perfect. You will not believe what my Retriever got up to. He had me doubting my own mind.

Something to do with food?

How did you guess. I had spent the afternoon making Bolognese sauce for dinner that evening. I then cleaned all the utensils I used, and left it warming on the stove. I had to go out and when I returned the saucepan was clean empty. No sign of any Bolognese sauce. Just a perfectly clean saucepan.

I started to doubt myself on whether I had actually cooked anything at all as there was no sign of any cooking, or food.

Then I saw him. Massive belly, looking very very content with life.

I still have no idea how he managed to eat it all and leave absolutely no trace of the Bolognese sauce. I still think about it, even thought it happened a few years ago now……