Tails From the Road - An Introduction

It has been an aim for several years to start a blog for the business, and I have finally got round to it! The plan is for a monthly story about the antics of a characterful customer’s dog, as I have been told some amazing stories over the years. I won’t be going into the many many many sad stories - instead this series will focus on funny anecdotes and memories.

The Beagle - Part One 🤣

Do you have any beagle designs, as my son has a Beagle.

Yes, I replied, I have lots of beagle products, including this apron, print and washbag.

What does the apron say?

The Very Very Very Brazen Beagle. I chose the word Brazen, as beagles can be very bold in their behaviour.

Yes, yes, that works. My son’s beagle managed to climb onto the kitchen counter, by pushing a chair up against the unit, and used it as a prop to help get up on top. Once on the counter the beagle carefully knocked over a bottle of Whisky, gently unscrewed the cap, and proceeded to drink the whole contents. He was completely smashed when they got home and had an awful hangover. And can you believe, the bottle was still in one piece?

Well, that is very ingenious of the Beagle and I’m very glad that nothing worse happened to him - except presumably a sore head!