Happy Birthday Jackson!

Jackson has reached the ripe old age of 15!

The inspiration for my very first design - The very very very Determined Dachshund.

I had never owned a small dog before, I was far more used to medium to large dog breeds. I was warned that dachshunds are big dogs packed into small bodies, but I don’t think you believe it till you live with it! Determined, bloody minded, his way or the high way and we soon realised never ever underestimate him!

He still has a tremendous sense of spirit and is incredibly active. I do put a lot of this down to giving him Yumove from a relatively young age although he doesn’t always eat his tablet, as clearly he thinks it is unnecessary 🤣

Since he was 13, a new character trait has emerged. Demanding. So for his 15th birthday I decided to release a new design in celebration of his character in his twilight years. We no longer can eat a dachshund favourite evening meal in peace. He shrieks his way through the entire process, as he anxiously awaits his portion. If the back door isn’t opened up quickly enough, a shriek will occur. Maybe he wants his dinner two hours earlier than usual, a bash on the leg and will shriek till you give in. He has become very very very demanding! So a new tea towel was born!